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Saar-Hunsrück-Steig - 03. Etappe: von Mettlach nach Britten

Long Distance Hiking | medium

Abwechslungsreiche Etappentour von Mettlach nach Britten über das Saarhölzbachtal mit fantastischen Aussichten auf das Saartal und Mettlach.

 11,8 km  3:45 h  357 m  102 m

Huts Hiking Trail

Hiking Trail | medium

This hiking trail is an interesting and challenging loop with lots of nice possibilities to stop for refreshments. Apart from nature and a mix of forest, field and meadow paths, the characteristic feature are altogether five huts lining the route.
 11,9 km  4:15 h  376 m  376 m

Two Valleys Path

Hiking Trail | medium

On this tour, you can expect shady forests and dreamy streams. The Two Valleys Path connects the romantic Hölzbachtal valley in Losheim-Waldhölzbach with the idyllic Holzbachtal in Weiskirchen. Both valleys are characterised by streams and feature numerous rock formations.
 12,7 km  4:00 h  452 m  454 m

‘Wehinger Viezpfad´

Hiking Trail | hard

This trail will take you through forests and beautiful orchard meadows. The fruits growing here are the base for ‘Viez‘, a certain type of apple wine. Natural sights include attractive views as well as stretches of water and small rock formations. The trail features a high percentage of natural paths.
 14,1 km  4:30 h  322 m  322 m

MTB 9 Konditions-Tour

Mountain Bike | hard

Für die Konditions-Tour um Freisen und Oberkirchen braucht der Biker wortwörtlich Kraft und Ausdauer. Hier bieten wir Ihnen eine äußerst anspruchsvolle Tour, die Fahrkönnen erfordert.
 34,8 km  4:26 h  788 m  778 m

Rennradrunde 2 Blieskastel-Medelsheim

Road Bike | medium

Die Tour verläuft zuerst in nördlicher Richtung durch den Bliesgau. BSelbach geht es in einer südlichen Schleife über Rubenheim und Herbitzheim hinauf nach Medelsheim. Auf den Höhen geht es wieder Richtung Blieskastel. Dort wartet in der historischen Altstadt schon eine kühle Erfrischung als Belohnung.
 41,9 km  3:02 h  494 m  494 m

Hochwald Path

Hiking Trail | medium

This trail invites hikers to enjoy the calm of the forest on secluded paths. Explore a mix of romantic creek valleys and unique clear views over the entire northern parth of the Saarland and pristine nature.
 12 km  4:00 h  273 m  273 m

Saar-Hunsrück-Steig-Idar-Oberstein nach Boppard

Long Distance Hiking | medium

 194,3 km  59:54 h  5361 m  5771 m

Saarschleife Tafeltour

Hiking Trail | hard

On this tour you hike along river valleys and mountain paths through the nature reserve to high Medieval Castle Montclair . The lookout Cloef offers you a magnificent view of the Saar loop and the spectacular scenery .
 15,8 km  5:32 h  563 m  563 m

Hochwälder Loop

Bicycle Rides | medium

Rather short tour featuring a very attractive scenery in the nature park Saar-Hunsrück in the northern part of the Saarland. Lots of clear views, beautiful meadows, idyllic creeks and some lovely picknick spots.
 30,7 km  3:30 h  279 m  283 m

‘ Saar-Nahe-Höhen‘ Cycle Route

Bicycle Rides | medium

This tour features nature and historic towns at their best. Apart from the UNESCO biosphere reserve Bliesgau, you’ll discover the historic town of Blieskastel. Via Neunkirchen, you’ll then get to the Bostalsee lake, the largest recreational lake in south-west Germany.
 80 km  6:45 h  683 m  452 m

Jakobsweg-Etappe Kloster Gräfinthal bis Bad Rilchingen-Hanweiler (Südroute)

Pilgrim Trail | medium

 14,1 km  4:07 h  221 m  259 m

Mill Path

Hiking Trail | medium

The tour features forest trails and narrow paths but also former mill streams and takes hikers through a densely wooded area. You’ll discover nature and landscapes along the Oster river, cross creeks and enjoy views on Fürth.
 8 km  2:45 h  153 m  149 m

Jakobsweg Speyer-Metz Südroute

Pilgrim Trail | medium

 289,3 km  76:17 h  4035 m  3895 m

Saar-Bliesgau Loop

Bicycle Rides | medium

Very attractive one-day tour along the river valleys of Saar and Blies and over the heights of the Bliesgau region with wonderful clear views up to the Vosges in France.
 74,6 km  5:20 h  288 m  297 m

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