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A dish as Saarland as it gets

It’s quite simple, really

The term Dibbelabbes is local dialect and a component of two words: Dibbe, which is local dialect for Topf which means pot in German, plus the word Labbes which basically means a „big piece“. So, you get the idea (hopefully!); Dibbelabbes is something cooked in a pot, it’s quite substantial and hearty plus it’s traditionally the favourite dish of the good people of the Saarland. Or, in other words, it’s a kind of potato bake. Our advice: Just try it!


are incredibly important in the Saarland. Without it, the local cuisine would be missing a vital part. For Dibbelabbes, waxy potatoes are needed that are finely grated. Add leek, salt, pepper and a bit of dried meat and put everything in ...

... a pot (or: Dibbe)

The pot should be cast iron and wide so that the potato mixture can swiftly be cooked, keeping the lid on top. In some parts of the Saarland Dibbelabbes is prepared in the oven and is then called Schaales but we don’t want to make things more complicated for you at this point ...


Dibbelabbes is traditionally served with home-made apple purée. To drink: beer, of course, or alternatively a nice glass of Moselle wine. You could also posh it up a bit and enjoy a glass of Crémant, a sparkling wine from the Alsace region that is very popular in the Saarland.


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