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Saar-Hunsrück-Steig - 01. Etappe: Perl - Hellendorf

Long Distance Hiking | medium

Von dem Weinort Perl  bis nach Hellendorf, mit weiten Aussichten über das Dreiländereck Deutschland-Luxemburg-Frankreich und den Archäologiepark Römische Villa Borg verläuft die erste Etappe des premierten Fernwanderweges.

 17,6 km  4:45 h  486 m  259 m

Lückner Path

Hiking Trail | medium

This is a mystical trail, leading through unusual forests. The stretch near Geisweiler Weiher pond is a real higlight. On your way, you’ll pass relics of the past such as Rammenfels rock, an old light railway line or Odilienkapelle chapel.
 17 km  4:55 h  282 m  282 m

Litermont Mythical Path

Hiking Trail | medium

This attractive trail features a variety of sceneries and some spectacular stretches as well as beautiful views. There are also information boards on the way providing information about geological characteristics, mythical places and pre- and early history.
 18,2 km  6:00 h  531 m  531 m

Eppelborn Loop

Bicycle Rides | medium

This route will take you past beautiful viewpoints as well as sights such as Castle Buseck or the environmental and recreational centre Finkenrech. There are numerous opportunities for taking   a break along the way.
 34,2 km  2:46 h  601 m  605 m


Hiking Trail | easy

Ramble through the forest and open fields: The “Nahequelle-Pfad“ offers wide views and enchants with its small valleys and streams. There are many options for you to take a rest along the way and the distances in between them are such that the trail is also suitable for families with small children.
 5,3 km  1:32 h  176 m  177 m


Bicycle Rides | easy

Leichte Halbtagestour ohne nennenswerte Steigungen durch die idyllischen Bliesauen und das Kirkeler Bachtal.

 24,2 km  1:44 h  169 m  168 m

Seven Ponds Loop

Bicycle Rides | medium

Half-day tour with relatively few ascents through beautiful valleys and forests, featuring attractive picknick spots. The loop is characterised by the many ponds along the way
 28,7 km  2:00 h  196 m  192 m

Weiselberg Cycle Route

Bicycle Rides | medium

This 26 km tour (intermediate level) leads along the foot of the Weiselberg mountain featuring magnificent clear views and beautiful valley flood plains.
 27,6 km  3:00 h  534 m  534 m

Saar-Elsass Loop

Bicycle Rides | easy

This flat and family-friendly tour starts in Trier, Germany’s oldest city. It features first-class cycle paths along the Saar and Moselle embankment, the Saar canal and the Rhine-Marne canal. You’ll pass historic towns, picturesque sceneries and romantic locks until you get to Strasbourg in the Alsace.
 276,3 km  14:00 h  514 m  498 m

Europäischer Mühlenradweg

Bicycle Rides | medium

Im Mittelpunkt des Mühlenradweges steht das Element Wasser. Insgesamt 14 Mühlen liegen am Wegesrand. Highlight ist ohne Zweifel das Mühlen- und Sägemuseum an der Eschviller Mühle. Hier kann noch heute betrachtet werden, wie Getreide und Holz mit Wasserkraft weiterverarbeitet werden.

Quelle: Saarpfalz-Touristik


 47,6 km  3:28 h  238 m  223 m

Ensheim Wells Path

Hiking Trail | medium

This track close to Ensheim connects eleven wells in the Ensheim Valley. Interestingly, none of these wells ever had a vital function. The locals simply built them out of love for nature and to pay homage to the water of the local Wogbach creek.
 10,5 km  3:00 h  248 m  263 m

Schmelzer Loop

Bicycle Rides | medium

On this 31 km loop cyclists can discover the variety of the regional landscape, including the Prims Losheimer Bach creek flood plain, forests, hill ranges with clear views and attractive ponds and pools.


 32,6 km  2:29 h  331 m  343 m

Saar-Hunsrück-Steig - Perl nach Idar-Oberstein (West-Ost-Abschnitt)

Long Distance Hiking | medium

Der Saar-Hunsrück-Steig verläuft von Perl an der Mosel bis in die Edelsteinmetropole Idar-Oberstein und die Römerstadt Trier.
 185,2 km  51:57 h  4418 m  4265 m

Saar-Hunsrück-Steig - 04. Etappe: Britten – Bergen – Stausee Losheim

Long Distance Hiking | medium

 11,9 km  3:45 h  190 m  278 m

‘Waldsaumweg‘ Path

Hiking Trail | medium

This trail is all about harmony, calm and enjoying nature. It leads along the edge of the woods and is accompanied by calm creeks. You’ll hear the hushed purl of the water and will be able to enjoy wonderful views. Forget everyday live and simply relax.
 10,9 km  3:30 h  228 m  228 m

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