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Castle Mountain Tour

Hiking Trail | medium

You’ll set off from the castle mountain and the Hohenburg ruin and make your way to the English landscape garden at castle Karlsberg through the wonderful forests west of Homburg. The trail features the idyllic Lambsbach creek valley and the Stumpfen Gipfel peak where you’ll see the remains of a Celtic ceremonial site.
 14,6 km  5:00 h  308 m  309 m

Nordic Walking Park Itzenplitzer Weiher-Altsteigersweg

Altsteigersweg - Eine herausfordernde Strecke für Sportliche (Länge: 11.5 km / Zeitbedarf: 2.5 h) Itzenplitzer Weiher - Itzenplitzschacht - Altsteigershaus - Schacht Erkershöhe - Itzenplitzer Weiher Der «Altsteigersweg» startet am Itzenplitzer Weiher und führt am südlichen Ufer vorbei, über den Weiherdamm, weiter zum Itzenplitzschacht und zum Altsteigershaus (Gastronomie) an der Landstraße L 112. Nach Überquerung der L 112 geht es an der nächsten Kreuzung links ab und weiter in südlicher Richtung parallel zur Bahnstrecke zur Erkershöhe. Durch den «Pariser Wald» und nach erneuter Überquerung der Landstraße L 112 vorbei am Schacht Erkershöhe. Nach einem heftigen Anstieg

lassen sich die letzten 3 km bergab angenehm bis zum Itzenplitzer Weiher zurücklegen

 11,2 km  2:21 h  253 m  253 m


Hiking Trail | medium

This trail called `Gisinger` after the village of Gisingen treats hikers to wonderful panoramic views of the Saargau region, the Saar valley and the Lorraine region. On this varied hike, ramblers can discover Gisingen and its surrounding cultural monuments as well as rugged valleys and rock formations, open meadows and large forests.
 11 km  3:00 h  295 m  293 m

Rennradrunde 4 Güdingen-Ommersheim-SB

Road Bike | medium

Die Tour verläuft richtung Ormesheim in den Bliesgau hinein. Bei Heckendalheim geht es einmal steiler bergan.

Danach verläuft die Route meist bergab wieder nach St.Arnual. Von hier ist es nur noch ein kleines Stück auf dem ebenen Saar-Radweg bis zum Ausgangspunkt der Runde.

 34 km  1:48 h  277 m  274 m

Saar-Hunsrück-Steig - 07. Etappe: Grimburgerhof – Reinsfeld

Long Distance Hiking | easy

 9,1 km  3:30 h  148 m  65 m

Jungle Tour

Hiking Trail | medium

This is an exciting trail through an extraordinary woodland. Ramblers won’t meet any exotic animals on the way. However, a landscape that has been developing over ten years without humans taking any influence will surely make everyone curious to return for more.
 8 km  3:15 h  156 m  156 m

‘Kleiner Lückner´

Hiking Trail | easy

This is a short, largely flat and varied tour, suitable for untrained hikers. Highlights include a path taking you along the Losheim creek and the mysterious Rammenfels rock. Most of the trail is in the forest but includes nice views, too.
 8,4 km  2:45 h  138 m  137 m

Nied and Bisttal Valley Loop

Bicycle Rides | medium

Extremely nice one-day tour, very varied with clear views and leisurely cycling along the Saar. It also features the Niedtal valley which is a real scenic gem in the Saarland.
 62,6 km  5:15 h  349 m  349 m


Hiking Trail | medium

Thie Hirn-Gallenberg Trail hiking offers a number of specific features auch as left-overs of quarries, waters, old vineyard terraces and other sights of cultural and historical importance. In addition, hikers will encounter stunning views in regular intervals giving this trail its additional name ‘Panoramic Trail Rammelfangen‘.
 7,4 km  2:45 h  209 m  209 m

Bisttal, Bliesgau und St. Wendeler Land

Motor Bike | easy

Die grenzüberschreitende Motorradtour führt Sie von Frankreich, über das UNESCO-Biosphärenreservat Bliesgau bis ins Sankt Wendeler Land.

 184,1 km  6:00 h  1700 m  1700 m

Jakobsweg-Etappe Medelsheim bis Gräfinthal (Südroute)

Pilgrim Trail | medium

 15,8 km  5:19 h  459 m  535 m

Alongs creeks and past wells

Hiking Trail | medium

This trail takes its name ( Bach- und Burrenpfad ) from the five creeks and three wells it passes. Large sections take hikers through a shady mixed forest and there are plenty of great views of the Saar valley and up to the Lorraine region in France.
 12,6 km  4:15 h  254 m  243 m

Sankt Wendeler Runde

E-Bike | medium

 38,2 km  3:15 h  528 m  528 m

Water Trail

Hiking Trail | medium

You’ll immediately see why this route is called ‘Water Trail‘ because there’ll always be some gushing springs, picturesque ponds or idyllic rivers and creeks around you. While following the way of the water through wild romantic landscapes you’ll also come across some natural monuments and rock formations.
 12,9 km  4:30 h  435 m  435 m

Kaltenstein Path

Hiking Trail | medium

This tour includes magical moments. You’ll see a number of sights of cultural and natural historical importance such as a historical horse trough, the natural memorial Kaltenstein or a Celtic sanctuary. One specific feature of the trail are frequently alternating forest formations.
 7,7 km  3:15 h  312 m  313 m

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