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Cloef Path

Hiking Trail | medium

The Cloef Path features breathtaking views on the Saarbow from the Cloef and ‘little Cloef‘ viewpoints. There’s also a very nice descent through the romantic   Steinbachtal valley, followed by a stretch along the Saar river before the trail takes you up some steep serpentines to the Cloef viewpoint.
 8 km  3:30 h  282 m  282 m

Saarhölzbach Path

Hiking Trail | medium

This trail leads past the famous Vogelfelsen (birds‘ rock) above the river Saar and features spectacular views on the Saar valley. You’ll walk through two idyllic creek valleys with numerous ponds and different forest formations. You’ll particularly enjoy the natural calm in the creek valleys.
 13 km  4:00 h  383 m  382 m

MTB 8 Höhen-Tour

Mountain Bike | medium

Die mittelschwere 32 km lange Höhen-Tour beginnt am Wendelinushof in St. Wendel und führt streckenweise über die Weltcupstrecke.
 32,3 km  3:23 h  511 m  512 m

‘Greimerather Höhenweg´

Hiking Trail | medium

This high route harmoniously balances forest areas and fields, creeks and nice views. Highlights include the nature reserve Ochsenwiese as well as the parish church and Lourdes grotto in Greimerath.
 13,2 km  3:30 h  345 m  346 m

Saar-Hunsrück-Steig - 06. Etappe: Weiskirchen –Steinberg –Reidelbach – Grimburgerhof

Long Distance Hiking | medium

Die heutige Etappe führt uns abseits der Zivilisation, größtenteils auf einsamen Pfaden durch eine sehr abwechslungsreiche und stimmungsvolle Waldlandschaft mit zahlreichen Bachläufen.
 16,6 km  6:00 h  502 m  524 m


Hiking Trail | medium

 39,1 km  5:00 h  464 m  463 m

Saarlouiser Runde

E-Bike | medium

 54,8 km  4:30 h  196 m  196 m

Wendelinus Loop

Bicycle Rides | medium

 Very nice, varied and relatively short loop through valleys and over hills in the Sankt Wendeler Land region. Highlight: Wendelinus cycle path on the disused railway from St. Wendel toTholey.
 31,6 km  2:30 h  295 m  307 m

Vom Saarland nach Lothringen

Motor Bike | easy

 292,7 km  8:00 h  2095 m  2095 m

Saar-Köllertal Loop

Bicycle Rides | medium

Attractive one-day tour through the Köllertal valley, featuring the central Saarland hill ranges on the way to Saarlouis and a return route along the Saar to Völklingen.
 59 km  3:30 h  329 m  346 m


Hiking Trail | easy

This is an easy route round Losheim lake and suitable for families. There are many options for taking a rest along the way as well as a Kneipp therapeutic wading pool with a barefoot path. Either when setting off or when finishing the loop, round off you ramble with a visit to the “Lake Garden“.
 6 km  2:00 h  103 m  102 m

Gesamtstrecke Saar-Hunsrück-Steig von Schengen nach Boppard

Long Distance Hiking | medium

 376,9 km  111:00 h  8757 m  8862 m

MTB 7 Relax-Tour

Mountain Bike | medium

Die Relax-Tour rund um St. Wendel ist eine mittelschwere Tour mit 27 km und 926 m Anstieg.
 27 km  2:55 h  545 m  543 m

Saar-Hunsrück Climb - 8th leg: Reinsfeld - Hermeskeil - Nonnweiler

Long Distance Hiking | medium

The 8th stage of the Saar-Hunsrück Climb leads from Reinsfeld via the city of Hermeskeil to Nonnweiler.
 16,1 km  5:00 h  432 m  499 m


Bicycle Rides | medium

Der Saarland-Radweg führt durch herrliche Landschaften an der äußeren Landesgrenze entlang.
 355,7 km  26:40 h  2948 m  2957 m

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