Saar-Hunsrück-Steig - Stage 11: Morbach – Langweiler – Kempfeld

Long Distance Hiking


With a length of approx. 17 km, the 11th stage of the Saar-Hunsrück Climb has a lot to offer. Hikers can enjoy the Hunsrück to the fullest on this route.

  • Type Long Distance Hiking
  • Difficulty medium
  • Duration 5:15 h
  • Distance 18,3 km
  • Ascent 702 m
  • Descent 571 m
  • Lowest point 389 m
  • Highest point 709 m


From the Ortelsbruch nature reserve, we climb to the heights of the Idarwald and in between enjoy the views of the Hunsrück in the direction of the Moselle. At the end of the descent, an idyllic pond invites you to take a rest. The first place after the descent is Langweiler, where we can experience a wonderful distant view to the Steinbachtalsperre and the Wildenburg.

Through agriculturally used areas we go downhill from Langweiler. We cross the informative geopark Krahloch andclimb up again to the impressive rock landscape "Kirschweiler Fortress". The descent into the Idarbach valley is full of experiences. It leads past rock formations, giant trees, views and partly over serpentines.

The ascent to the Wildenburg leads through gigantic Rosselhalden. Afterwards we walk through high forests and reach the Wildenburg with the worth seeing game enclosure. From the Wildenburg, a 1.5 km long access road leads to Kempfeld.

The 11th stage of the Saar-Hunsrück Climb leads from Morbach via Langweiler to Kempfeld. The start is in the Ortelsbruch nature reserve in Morbach. Parking spaces can be found here "Am Kirschbaum".

First we walk on a wide path through the nature reserve, before we turn left and immediately right downhill again. After passing the nature trail, an asphalted path awaits us and we continue our steep descent. On the way down we pass a sensory bench, which invites us to take a rest. Likewise the following forest pond. Down the valley we go along the stream to the intersection with another rest area. Here we turn right and then left again.

We have already arrived at the edge of Langweiler, the "pearl of the Hochwald". Langweiler is often called that because from here you can enjoy a beautiful view to the castle Wildenburg and at the same time to the Steinbachtalsperre. In Langweiler we pass the country road 162 near Sensweiler, before we pass the pond directly at the Geopark Krahloch. The Geopark provides information about geology, rocks, mining and nature on a 1 km long circular trail.

A short time later we arrive in the Idarbachtal. There we cross the main road to Idar-Oberstein and after a few minutes we enter the area of the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park. Here the path leads us upwards, at the height of the Silberich, i.e. to the so-called "Kirschweiler Fortress". We have to pass the large, elongated quartzite massif. Thus we reach the viewpoint "Steinbachtalsperre". Those who need a break will find resting possibilities here. Behind it the path goes steeply down again, on narrow paths, into the Idarbach valley. The trail continues in the direction of the Wildenburg wildlife enclosure. Next to the wildlife enclosure, the ruins of Wildenburg Castle await you. From here, an approx. 2 km long access road leads to Wildenburg Castle in Kempfeld and thus to the end of the tour.

Hiking shoes required!

Our tips for carefree hiking pleasure: Hiking is the perfect sport. With the right clothes and shoes it is twice as much fun. Functional clothing, poles and breathable backpacks are comfortable when hiking. Indispensable, however, are good shoes. For longer walks, we recommend sturdy hiking boots with a grippy, non-slip sole. Also remember sunscreen and take a drink with you. A liter of water is ideal.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Visit the wildlife enclosure Wildenburg.

The Saar-Hunsrück Climb is a near-natural trail, 65% of which is over soft forest soil, grassy paths or along streams. However, this special quality can also lead to problems after longer periods of rain and make parts of the trail difficult to walk on. Sturdy shoes are highly recommended!

Informationen zur Anreise finden Sie auf der Seite des Saar-Hunsrück-Steigs unter Anreise

Car Parc "Am Kirschbaum" Morbach
For example, from Idar-Oberstein railway station to the starting point in Morbach with bus lines 840, 845.

Return from the stage destination Kempfeld to Idar-Oberstein train station with bus line 840.

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