Saar-Hunsrück Climb - 26th leg: Stausee Kell - Bonerath - Riveris - Waldrach - Kasel/ Mertesdorf "Ruwer-Route"

Long Distance Hiking

This leg of the Saar-Hunsrück climb leads from the heights of the Hunsrück into the idyllic Ruwer valley with its wine villages.

  • Type Long Distance Hiking
  • Difficulty medium
  • Duration 6:00 h
  • Distance 20,2 km
  • Ascent 207 m
  • Descent 525 m
  • Lowest point 151 m
  • Highest point 642 m


We say goodbye to the reservoir in Kell and climb steadily uphill through a beautiful brook valley into the Osburger Hochwald. There we experience one of the highlights of the stage. We cross the moor at the Rösterbruch with birch trees, peat moss cushions and pipe grass.
Then the long descent into the Ruwer valley begins, which first leads us through the deep forests of the Osburger Hochwald. After crossing a street we experience sensational views as far as Bonerath as far as the Eifel. Then it goes through an atmospheric valley down to the Riveris dam. At the most beautiful view of the dam, a particularly large bench invites you to rest. We then explore the “Langenstein” rock formation and reach the Ruwer valley, which near Waldrach offers us a particularly beautiful passage directly on the Ruwer. The day's destination is the atmospheric wine towns of Kasel and Mertesdorf.

We recommend sturdy shoes (hiking boots) and weather-appropriate hiking clothing on all stages.

Weyrichsbruch - spring moor at the Rösterkopf
Riveris dam near Riveris
Replica of the Roman aqueduct in Waldrach

The Saar-Hunsrück-Steig is a natural path, 65% of which is over soft forest floor, over grass paths or along streams. However, this special quality can also lead to problems after long periods of rain and make parts of the path more difficult to walk on. Therefore, sturdy shoes are strongly recommended.

Parkplätze am Stausee Kell
Parkplätze im Zentrum Waldrach
Parkplätze im Zentrum Kasel
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