Glan-Blies Cycle Route - Stage 5 (Meisenheim - Staudernheim)

Long Distance Cycling

The last stage of the Glan-Blies Cycle Route takes you into wine country, to the river Nahe. Yet again, you experience a new landscape, with its own charm and plenty of things to do.  

  • Type Long Distance Cycling
  • Difficulty easy
  • Duration 0:55 h
  • Distance 12,9 km
  • Ascent 17 m
  • Descent 33 m
  • Lowest point 132 m
  • Highest point 155 m


A bike ride in the footsteps of Hildegard von Bingen, on the Nahe Cycle Route to Bad Sobernheim.

The vineyards become ever more present as soon as the cycle route leaves Meisenheim and its beautiful historic old town. 

Staying close to the river Glan you reach Odernheim, where the ruined monastery of Disibodenberg has close ties to the story of Hildegard von Bingen. This is where she completed her first work, “Scivias”, in the peace and tranquillity of the Naheland. The route to Disibodenberg is signposted from the cycle path, and is fairly strenuous. From here, it is just a few kilometres to Staudernheim, a well-known recreational area on the Nahe. This is the point at which the Glan flows into the Nahe.

We recommend continuing to Bad Sobernheim on the Nahe Cycle Route. Don’t pass up the opportunity to experience the Barefoot Path and the Rhineland-Palatinate Open Air Museum in Bad Sobernheim.

Meisenheim - Raumbach - Rehborn - Odernheim am Glan - Staudernheim

The signposted route through the historic old town of Meisenheim takes you to the former train station and then onto the cycle path which runs along the second track bed of the railway line. Staying parallel to the draisine railway line, the cycle route runs through Raumbach to the flagman’s hut in Rehborn (which also has a beer garden). Here it branches off to the right, crosses a historic stone bridge and continues along a local road through Rehborn. The route leads back to the Glan and runs along an agricultural road parallel to the Odernheim railway line. Here you turn left onto the main road and then right again after a few metres towards Bannmühle. Parallel to the draisine railway line, the route runs along an agricultural road to the turn-off for Disibodenberg. Here the cycle route moves onto the railway line and continues until it reaches the Nahe. On the Nahe bridge, the route is directed onto narrow roadside paths in the one-way system. It continues to the right over a ramp to the base of the embankment, where the Glan-Blies Cycle Route meets the Nahe Cycle Route. Turn right and follow the path at the foot of the railway embankment to Staudernheim train station.

Most of the route has little shade, so remember to bring sufficient drinks and sunscreen.
Please wear a helmet. Touring bicycle or bike with multiple gears, weatherproof clothing, drinks and supplies.

Plan enough time for a leisurely stroll around Meisenheim – the historic old town has many hidden nooks and alleys to explore.

History within touching distance and an idyllic place to dream – Disibodenberg.

And for a real treat, why not take your tired feet to the Barefoot Path.

The roadside paths on the bridges are sometimes very narrow, and there is one-way traffic on Nahe Bridge – please observe this rule.
Cyclists must obey the German highway code (StVo).


A62 to Kusel exit

B420 to Meisenheim


A61 Bad Kreuznach exit

B41 to Waldböckelheim

L234 to Staudernheim

Parking spaces are available in Meisenheim and Staudernheim.

This tour is easily accessible by bus and rail.


By rail to Staudernheim

Bus 260 to Meisenheim


By rail to Staudernheim

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