Experience the past

Experiencing 2,000 years of cultural history is easy in the Saarland region: Celts and Romans, lords of castles and abbots, kings and industrial dynasties – they all left impressive monuments in different shapes and forms that for visitors nowadays open a window on the past and long-gone eras.

Celts & Romans

Villas, temples and burial sites as well a many other Gallo-Roman attractions reflect the different facets of ancient life in the Saarland and its neighbouring regions.

Where the Middle Ages come to life

With its many castles and monasteries, medieval times come to life in the Saarland. However, it’s not the pest and famines that have come back to the present but knights and damsels, jugglers and bards.

Baroque Saarland

Baroque Saarland

In the 17th and 18th century, kings, princes, dukes and counts built imposing royal seats in the Saarland as symbols of their power.

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