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Wandern rund um den Bostalsee

Rund um den größten Stausee im Südwesten können Sie die vielseitige Landschaft auf den verschiedensten Wanderwegen erleben. Von Premiumwanderwege, über Tafeltouren, historisch geprägte Wanderpfade bis hin zu Etappen des Fernwanderwegs Saar-Hunsrück-Steig erwartet Sie hier eine große Vielfalt - und das maximal 20 Kilometer vom See entfernt!

Bears Trail

Hiking Trail | medium

You don’t need the strenght of a bear for this tour, even if there are some ups and downs involved. Varied route leading through forest landscapes, with small valleys and nice viewpoints and featuring some interesting historical places on the way.
 11,9 km  4:00 h  334 m  334 m

Rötelstein Path

Hiking Trail | medium

This Trail leads through dense forests and the mystical moorlands of ‘Oberthaler Bruch‘. The Rötelstein path offers lots of picturesque views on the Nahe river and passes by relics from distant pasts.
 14,6 km  5:00 h  347 m  347 m

Officer’s Path

Hiking Trail | medium

This trail features grand views on the Schaumberger Land region and frequent changes between forest and open country. Don’t miss the old boundary stones marking the border between the former ‘Saargebiet‘ and German Reich which you’ll come across along the way.
 11,2 km  3:00 h  149 m  149 m


Hiking Trail | medium

On this trail, hikers can experience the history of the Celts, charcoal burners and iron and steel workers that have all left their traces in this region: They will discover the Hunsrück region’s largest iron and steel works from the 17th century, the biggest drinking water reservoir in Rhineland-Palatinate and one of the biggest Celtic fortifications in Europe.
 11,8 km  4:00 h  249 m  249 m


Hiking Trail | easy

Ramble through the forest and open fields: The “Nahequelle-Pfad“ offers wide views and enchants with its small valleys and streams. There are many options for you to take a rest along the way and the distances in between them are such that the trail is also suitable for families with small children.
 5,5 km  1:35 h  82 m  82 m

Saar-Hunsrück Climb - 8th leg: Reinsfeld - Hermeskeil - Nonnweiler

Long Distance Hiking | medium

The 8th stage of the Saar-Hunsrück Climb leads from Reinsfeld via the city of Hermeskeil to Nonnweiler.
 16,1 km  5:00 h  432 m  499 m

Saar-Hunsrück Climb - 9th leg: Nonnweiler - Börfink/ Einschieder Hof

Long Distance Hiking | medium

The highlight of the 9th leg of the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig is the crossing of the imposing Celtic ring wall near Otzenhausen.
 13,7 km  4:30 h  431 m  284 m

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