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Glan-Blies Cycle Route

Bicycle Rides | easy

From France through the eastern Saarland and the North Palatinate to the Naheland, the cycle route runs along the Blies and Glan, two of the most important tributaries of the Saar and Nahe rivers. With no long climbs, just a few short ascents on designated paths, this cycle route is straightforward and safe for everyone.
 127,4 km  9:05 h  153 m  202 m


Bicycle Rides | easy

Die familienfreundliche, völlig ebene Tour führt entlang des Saarufers von Sarreguemines in Frankreich bis nach Konz, wo Saar und Mosel aufeinandertreffen.

 111,6 km  10:00 h  85 m  184 m


Bicycle Rides | medium

Der Saarland-Radweg führt durch herrliche Landschaften an der äußeren Landesgrenze entlang.

 353,3 km  26:30 h  2820 m  2820 m

‘ Saar-Nahe-Höhen‘ Cycle Route

Bicycle Rides | medium

This tour features nature and historic towns at their best. Apart from the UNESCO biosphere reserve Bliesgau, you’ll discover the historic town of Blieskastel. Via Neunkirchen, you’ll then get to the Bostalsee lake, the largest recreational lake in south-west Germany.
 82,4 km  6:45 h  705 m  477 m

‘ Saar-Oster-Höhen‘ Cycle Route

Bicycle Rides | medium

This tour starts in Saarlouis which was the favourite town of ‘sun king‘ Louis XIV. It leads to St. Wendel, via the Saar valley and old miners‘ village Hüttigweiler. Watch out for the last leg featuring the most beautiful scenery of the whole tour.
 58 km  5:30 h  585 m  483 m


Bicycle Rides | medium

Eine Talroute im ersten und eine sehr reizvolle Höhenroute im zweiten Abschnitt der Tour führt vom Saartal zum hochgelegenen Bostalsee.
 51,4 km  4:10 h  530 m  308 m

Niedtal Cycle Route

Bicycle Rides | easy

Saargau and Warndtwald forest   are only two of the magnificent landscapes you’ll discover on this tour.   There’s a reason why this cycling route is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the Saarland!
 23 km  3:00 h  124 m  124 m

Köllertal Cycle Route

Bicycle Rides | easy

 You‘ll set off from Völklingen iron works and its imposing buildings and chimneys, and cycle to Köllerbach via Püttlingen. There’ll be a notable ascent from Heusweiler onwards.   Once you’ve reached the highest point you can relax and roll down and back into the Saar valley.
 20,6 km  1:34 h  179 m  2 m


Long Distance Cycling | medium

The 135 km long Nahe Cycle Route is one of the seven premium routes in Rhineland-Palatinate and runs along the entire length of the Nahe River.
 131,1 km  10:30 h  400 m  803 m

VeloRoute SaarLorLux

Bicycle Rides | medium

The ‘ VeloRoute SaarLorLux‘   runs through the border triangle of Germany, France and Luxembourg on 473 km.
 489,1 km  35:37 h  2805 m  2805 m

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