In conversation with Frank’s hiking boots

© Marcus Gloger

We really didn’t want to retire!

Frank’s hiking boots have covered 3,000 kilometres (can you believe it!) and know the Saarland inside out.

Since the end of 2014, they’ve been in retirement. They would have loved to continue hiking along with their owner Frank who tests the quality of hiking trails in the region. However, Frank made it very clear: They’ve really had it and were not fit for purpose anymore. Here’s what they have to say about their hiking life spent in the Saarland.

We can tell, you’re still sad because you lost your job, arent‘ you?

We are indeed! The four years we had together with Frank were full of the best hiking ever. We remember our time with him every day. The condition and quality of the hiking trails that we walked together was really something else – hardly any tarmac and really varied!

Is there actually any real challenge for you hiking boots involved when hiking in a low mountain range as you do in the Saarland?

Well, of course! We’ve constantly been challenged. It’s always the next step that counts and as a hiking boot, you’ll always have to be ready and up for it. We’ve walked over many trails, on smooth and rough ground, through forests and across fields.

Why was your job so special?

First and foremost, Frank made it special because he’s such a great hiker. Sure foot and in very good shape! Another remarkable thing is that we could almost always hear our own steps: It’s peaceful and there’s no noise, only birds singing and murmuring trees plus, the views were fabulous, too!

Frank continues his hiking tours in the Saarland. Do you have any tips for his new boots?

Each trail of the more than over 60 tours on offer is unique. Simply enjoy it!

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