The so-called “Saarland Tafeltouren“ are a special way to explore the region’s first-rate hiking trails: Discover the most beautiful routes while at the same time enjoying the Saarland’s outstanding regional cuisine in restaurants along the way!

Saarschleife Tafeltour

Hiking Trail | hard

On this tour you hike along river valleys and mountain paths through the nature reserve to high Medieval Castle Montclair . The lookout Cloef offers you a magnificent view of the Saar loop and the spectacular scenery .
 16,3 km  5:00 h  434 m  434 m

`Kirkeler Tafeltour´

Hiking Trail | medium

This trail will take you through one of the Saarland’s biggest woodlands. Kilometer after kilometer of meandering paths invite you on a spectacular hike in the forest. There will be banks of mottled sandstone on the way as well as caves. You’ll also see the mysterious Frauenbrunnen well that has been used as a ceremonial site since Celtic times.
 8,6 km  2:45 h  192 m  192 m

Officer’s Path

Hiking Trail | medium

This trail features grand views on the Schaumberger Land region and frequent changes between forest and open country. Don’t miss the old boundary stones marking the border between the former ‘Saargebiet‘ and German Reich which you’ll come across along the way.
 11,2 km  3:00 h  149 m  149 m

`Schaumberg Tafeltour´

Hiking Trail | medium

While hiking across the 569 metres high Schaumberg mountain, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful views of the undulated Saar-Nahe highland and almost all regions in the Saarland. Wild romantic creek valleys and idyllic landscapes add to the attraction of this tour.
 10,5 km  4:00 h  350 m  350 m

`Stausee Tafeltour´

Hiking Trail | medium

The lake landscape and panoramic views make this a very diverting walk. The trail features narrow forest and meadow paths and enormous fields as well as enchanted creek valleys along the way. Losheim reservoir and all the recreational options on offer here are a disctinct highlight.


 10,3 km  3:30 h  232 m  232 m

Wadrill Tour

Hiking Trail | medium

The trail features steep ascents and descents, narrow and enchanted paths and wild romantic creek valleys in conjunction with beautiful views and the only young cattle pasture in the Saarland. It’s worthwhile to make a short detour to castle ruin Grimburg.
 12 km  3:25 h  310 m  310 m

Saar Bow gourmet tour special - Landhotel Saarschleife****

It is the Saarland’s landmark, and you should not miss it. So, put your packed lunch in your rucksack, don’t forget your trail description and walk the famous Saar Bow route. Right behind the town of Mettlach, the trail leads into a dense mixed forest up to the ferry landing where you will set over to the other side of the Saar. An uphill passage will take you to the “Cloef“ viewpoint where your efforts will be rewarded. Chef Michael Buchna will treat you to some culinary delights in his “Landidyll“ hotel. Get ready for regional cuisine and meals prepared with fresh products and a passion for detail.

from 268,00 €

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