Baroque town with plenty of charm


Easy-going Homburg used to be a bastion of Louis XIV, the Sun King, in order to defend the Western border of France.


Merzig is definitely one of the most interesting cities in the Saarland. Why would we say that? Because where else would you find both of the following, the art of flowers and the howl of wolves ....


Mettlach offers something for everyone. Culture and shopping, nature and historical heritage.


It is hard to believe that only 30 years ago there was still an ironworks in the middle of this town, providing jobs for thousands of people.


The city of Saarbrücken has many faces. World War II and the architecture of the 1950ies and 1960ies have left their mark. What you will find now, is a bit of a demure beauty, full of rough edges and with lots of heart and character.


For the inhabitants of Saarlouis, their city is the Saarland’s secret capital.

St. Wendel

In the region around St Wendel you can expect art and culture, gems and Celts. Read on for a selection of things to do.

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