Saar Polygon

This former stockpile in Ensdorf, covering an area of 50 hectares and 150 metres high, counts as one of the biggest worldwide.

It reminds of Ensdorf’s history as an important mining site at the beginning of the 18th century.

Hiking and Paragliding

30 hectares of this area were recultivated and renaturated in the past three decades. There are numerous hiking trails, first leading up to a plateau from where you can enjoy views over the Saar valley. This part of the trail is easy to walk, even for older hikers, families with small children or buggies. The way to the summit is a little bit harder to walk and not recommendable for the aforementioned group of people. The coal stockpile Ensdorf is also known as a good place to start paragliding and therefore well visited.

Saar Polygon

Opened in 2016, the walkable steel sculpture is a monument commemorating the era of steel production in Saarland. Located on the summit of the heap, the Saar Polygon is a symbol for the economic change of the region and changes its shape depending on the viewpoint.

Architects: Katja Pfeiffer und Oliver Sachse, pfeiffer sachse architekten.

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8am to 9pm daily.

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