GONDWANA - a prehistoric theme park

Come here if you want to experience Earth history and see how the dinosaurs lived.

Cutting-edge animation technology and sophisticated audiovisual methods let you relive the course of 4.5 billion years of the History of the Earth. Monstrous scorpions, giant dragonflies and ravenous dinosaurs are just some of the life-forms that are brought back to life in the exhibition halls of Gondwana.
Forces of natures such as floods or space impacts are re-enacted to create an impression of what life was like all those years ago. Outside the premises, small and big explorers can try to dig up some fossils themselves on 700 square metres.

Adults23,00 Euro
Children (- 17 years)17,00 Euro
Children (- 3 years)free of charge
Families (two adults + up to 3 children)58,00 Euro


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