Celtic ring wall Otzenhausen

The Celtic ring wall in Otzenhausen is one of the most famous and impressive ground monuments from the Celtic era, looking like something that was created by the hands of a giant.

The so-called “Ring of the Huns“ in Otzenhausen is on of the largest Celtic fortresses in Europe. Originally, the walls were 20 metres high and 25 metres thick. Nowadays, visitors can still see 10 metre walls and will be impressed by the sheer size of the monument. Surrounded by enchanting scenery, the ring wall used to be the centre of influential rulers whose power depended on the local ore production. The history of the fortress dates back to approx. 400 B.C. up to 50 B.C..

Experience archeology

Since 1999, extensive archeological excavations habe been going on that are open to visitors. Explore some archeological hiking trails such as the “Archeological information trail“ or the “Children’s experience path“.
Furthermore, guided tours are offered on each first Saturday of the month (from May to October, meeting at “Waldparkplatz“ car park Otzenhausen at 2 pm). In addition, specifically themed tours or tours for groups can be booked (and you can even get some Celtic gear on for that!).

The "CERDA & CELTOI" project

“CERDA & CELTOI“ is a 3.75 miles (6 km) long sculpture trail that was created by contemporary artists from 15 different European countries between 2005 and 2007. The idea behind is to convey the Celtic culture and spiritual world.

For guided tours:
Adults: EUR 2
Children: EUR 1
Families: EUR 5

freely accessible / always open


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